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When you want to create a slicked-back, shiny look for your hair, you should turn to Reamir Classic Pomade for your hair styling needs. For a high gloss or wet look, our Classic Pomade is the best option of the product that we carry, keeping your hair neat and in style the whole day long without the appearance of dryness. It works best with medium or long hairstyles, since the weight of your hair helps the pomade keep your hair in place. What’s more, a good quality pomade like Reamir Classic Pomade can help nourish your hair as well as style it. Our essential oils and nutrients that we use in our formula help enrich your natural hair’s strength while also keeping your style absolutely on-point. As stated above, pomade generally works best on longer hair, but medium length cuts can be slicked back and given the classic pomade look as well. Just apply a bit of pomade to your fingers and work it through your hair (preferably when wet). If you want a more sharply defined style, run a comb through your hair to further separate the strands. And with Reamir Classic Pomade, you can not only get a great and long lasting hairstyle, you also have the peace of mind of knowing that our formula is entirely alcohol free, so there’s never any worry that by styling your hair you’re also drying and damaging it. If it’s a timeless slicked-back hairstyle you’re seeking, our Classic Pomade is the answer.
DESCRIPTION Our traditional classic pomade is natural, versatile and suitable for most hair types. Combs in with ease and provides a stronghold for maximum styling. HOW IT WORKS Create classic, slicked-back looks with our classic pomade. HOW IT'S USED Apply desired amount to cleaned hair. Style as desired. BENEFITS  Free of Alcohol. Based on Essential Oils. Not Tested on Animals, Cruelty-Free Pomade! SIZE (OZ) 4 MADE IN USA

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