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New York, NY – Arthur Rubinoff is the CEO of Reamir & Co., specializing in personal grooming products for men. Reamir & Co. has launched a full line of products including shampoo, leave-in conditioner, hair gels, lather shaving cream, aftershave, pre-shave oil and witch hazel toner, natural products for men.
Arthur was raised in the family’s barber shop, where Arthur’s father Rubin (the founder of Reamir & Co.) introduced Uzbekistan to the ‘wash and cut’ and to his special blend of botanical ingredients for treating men’s hair and scalps. It was innovative at the time and proved to be an instant success. “I remember going directly to the shop after I was finished with school for the day and working there throughout summer vacation,” Arthur reminisces. He learned the business from the ground up, starting when he was only nine years old by doing jobs around the shop, first sweeping up than taking appointments. “My father’s shop was so busy and you had to make your next appointment before you left the shop.” Arthur’s father would work eleven hour shifts. His mother would work the morning shift at the beauty salon across town, than walk to her husbands shop to lend a hand.
Arthur Rubinoff CEO at Reamir & Co Founder of NYC Barber Shop Museum
The Rubinoff family immigrated to the United States when Arthur was fourteen. Arthur became a licensed barber as soon as he was old enough, and took a leading role in the growth of his family’s business. Arthur worked along side his father from morning to night, managing the shops and servicing their customers. They grew to a chain of seven barber shops through out the New York area. Traveling from store to store, he greets his customers and his staff with the same warmth that they remembered in his father. “It was very sad when Rubin passed away,” recalls one barber, “but working with Arthur, watching him with his father’s skill and his father’s technique, it makes you feel like Rubin is still here with us.”
Arthur is inspired by his father’s classic approach to barber shop artistry. “I am revitalizing the old art of cutting hair with scissors and comb. Nowadays, everyone uses electric trimmers, but it doesn’t cut the same. People appreciate the extra time and the care that a classic hair cut takes, and the results are significantly better.” Arthur makes sure that barbers who can provide a classic haircut are staffed in all of the family’s shops. And he knows the customers like it too. “I hear all the time how they’ll never get a hair cut with the machine ever again,” He says with a grin.
With the barber shop business thriving, Arthur set out to fulfill his long-awaited dream: recreating his father’s special botanical hair and scalp treatment for men. Taking Rubin’s formulas and fusing them with modern technology, Arthur successfully recreated the hair products that had been successful in Uzbekistan. He brought to life the dream he carried with him since his childhood.
It’s because of Arthur’s deep commitment to customer care and his father’s work ethic that he founded Reamir & Co. He developed a full line salon-quality products that are natural, based on essential oils, alcohol-free and free of harsh detergents and artificial colors. Select products are available in scented and scent-free. “My father would have approved of these products,” says Arthur. “No shortcuts, just the highest-quality ingredients, just like he used. He always made sure that his customers got the best care, and I’m continuing his legacy by creating these products for my customers.” The products are available for purchase exclusively in Reamir & Co. barber shops, and online store, as well through a select franchise.