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REAMIR Barbers are Staying Home

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REAMIR Barbers are Staying Home
REAMIR & Co everyone known chain of Barber Shops serving New York City over 20 years and a proprietary REAMIR Men's Grooming Product Line. We're starting campaign to support employees through the challenging times of pandemic and social distancing. All the REAMIR Barber Shops have stopped providing services on March 22nd, 2020 till further notice.
All 19 barbers are safe and healthy, and patiently waiting to get back to work and seeing dear loyal customers as soon as it will be possible! 
We are looking for support from the customers and will be happy to provide all the backers with first haircuts as soon as lockdown is over and our products to maintain quality men's grooming at home. 
Click the link of Kickstarter Project, back this campaign, and get your reward!
You can choose a variety of rewards, haircuts at Barber Shops as soon as we open or REAMIR products by extremely reduced prices. Everything helps, you can always choose your pledge without a reward. 
All the funds will proceed to REAMIR & Co employees.


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