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Fiber Wax


Fiber Wax


For a tough hold that’s still flexible and doesn’t add too much shine, try Reamir Natural Fiber Wax. If you have hair that is difficult to control or have problems with cowlicks, fiber wax will help keep unruly hair in line and make bad hair days a thing of the past. Reamir Natural Fiber Wax can give you a stylish “bed head” look with a matte finish, and it’s certain to keep that look in place all day long without making your hair look like it’s been coated in varnish. It’s the key to a strong but flexible hold that lasts all day long — and is naturally good for your hair. Reamir Natural Fiber Wax is good for shorter hairstyles, about one and a half to three inches in length. To use the product, soften it in your palms before applying it — unlike creams or pomades, fiber wax is almost solid for its excellent hold, and will only become workable with a bit of warmth. We enrich our Natural Fiber Wax with vitamins and essential oils, and of course all of our products are completely alcohol-free, so there’s no worries about drying out or damaging your hair at the same time that you’re styling it. In fact, Reamir’s product will enhance your hair’s health due to the enriching ingredients we use in our formula. If you’re looking for a medium shine product with a firm hold that is still flexible, reach for Reamir Natural Fiber Wax.
Natural Fiber Wax Provides a Strong Hold with a Medium shine. Our non-greasy formula is the perfect balance between a cream and a wax allowing you to create a sleek or textured look. Enriched with Vitamins and Natural Oils to keep hair looking and feeling its best. DIRECTION Spread a dab through palms and fingers, then distribute evenly and quickly through dry hair. ADDED BONUS Free of Alcohol Paraben Free Natural SIZES (OZ) 4 MADE IN USA

Natural Fiber Wax by Reamir

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