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Fathers Day Love Confessions

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Fathers day June 18, 2017.

To the father of my child,

From the beginning, I knew you were destined for great things.

Back then, I’d meet you for dinner and stare across the table at a dream come true. Not only were you handsome and well-dressed, you were smart and considerate.You’d ask me about my day, you’d tell me about your family and-more times than I’d like to admit-I’d catch myself daydreaming about starting one of our own.

Time has passed and another one of my dreams has become a reality. We are parents, living a markedly different life. Late nights have given way to even later nights, followed by early mornings. Baby talk has replaced sweet nothings and daydreams now carry me to remote islands in the sun. Though we may no longer have much romance in the traditional sense, we have something far more thrilling: true love for one another and for our child.

Becoming a parent has taught me so much. Ive learned the true meanings of words like exhausted and busy.Ive learned which diaper brand is the best and I’ve learned that real babys breath smells sweeter than anything found in a bouquet. Most surprising of all, I’ve learned that for all of my daydreams, I never scratched the surface of your potential.

I’ve watched you comfort me during labor and soothe our crying baby with that same calming strength. I’ve watched you delight in our childs triumphs and empathize with their tribulations. I’ve seen your face light up with pride when you speak of your family. I’ve witnessed you evolve into a man better than I could have ever hoped for.

We may not exchange flashy gifts as often as we once did, but you’ve given two big ones. You’ve given me the gift of motherhood and given our child the gift of unconditional love and support.

This Father’s Day, you deserve the gift of pampering, so that you can look like the man I fell in love with while living like the man I’m proud to call the father of my child.



Your Partner in Life and Parenting

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