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The Lost Art of Shaving

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Proper shaving has become a lost art. Todays man has little knowledge about the fine art of the traditional wet shave that their grandfathers and some of their fathers used to take part in. Accustomed to the cheap and disposable shaving products that companies market, for most men the tradition of passing down the secrets of a clean shave abruptly stopped. At Reamir, we are going to try and bring back the classic shave.

The Benefits of the Classic Wet Shave

Reduce environmental impact.Traditional wet shaving with a double-edged safety razor uses less waste than shaving with cartridge razors. The only waste is a single metal razor blade and lather down the sink. Unlike todays razor cartridges, a double-edged blade can easily be recycled. The tubes and bowls that most traditional shave creams and soaps are sold in produce less waste than those clunky non-biodegradable aerosol canisters that gels come in.

Better, more consistent shaves.Most men today walk around not knowing they have horrible shaves. Electric razors and the latest 5-blade contraptions irritate the skin more than needed, leaving razor burn, ingrown hairs, and redness. Shaving with a safety razor will eliminate the skin irritation and give your face a clean, healthy look because youre just using one blade instead of several that chew up your face in order to cut your whiskers.

Youll feel like a million bucks.Its nice taking part in a ritual that great men like your grandfather, John F. Kennedy, and Teddy Roosevelt took part in.

The Tools

Safety Razor

Switching from a cheap disposable razor to a double-edged safety razor is like upgrading from a Pinto to a Mercedes. A safety razor is amachine.Its nice holding a piece of heavy, sturdy metal in your hand while youre shaving as opposed to a piece of cheap-o plastic.

You can find safety razors in a variety of places. First,ask your grandpa if he still has his. Chances are he does. If gramps doesnt have one,try checking antique stores. If you dont have any luck there,stop by eBay and do a search for safety razors. Youre bound to find a few there. Finally, if buying a used safety razor doesnt fancy you,you can always buy a new onefrom the several companies that still make them. A highly recommended safety razor is from Merkur. They have several types to choose from at varying prices. Look to spend about $40 for a new safety razor.

Suggested Razors
Merkur Classic Safety Razor, Straight-#178- Made in Germany
Merkur Futur Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor with Satin Finish- #700- Made in Germany
Merkur Classic Long Handled Safety Razor, Straight


You can choose from a variety of different blades. Each blade has a unique sharpness and cutting ability. Experiment with different kinds until you find the ones you like.

Suggested Razors
American Personna. You can find these in most drugstores. Theyre usually marketed as generic brand blades. Theyre pretty forgiving for the first-time user.
Merkur Double Edge Razor Blades- Pack of 10 Blades- Made in Germany

Shaving Brush

If youve never used a brush during shaving, youre in for a treat. A brush helps hydrate the shaving cream in order to form a thick, rich shaving lather. Using a brush to lather up helps get the shaving cream up under each whisker which results in better, smoother shaves. Plus, it just feels nice on your face to lather up with a brush.

Brushes are made out of two types of animal hair:boar and badger.Boar bristles are stiffer than badger bristles and hold less water. Boar hair brushes are also cheaper. You can find a boar hair brush at Walmart for about $4.If you really want to have a nice shaving experience, splurge and buy a badger hair brush.Badger brushes create more lather and it feels a lot nicer on your face. You can pick up a nice badger brush at any Crabtree and Evelyn. If you dont have a Crabtree in your area, try Amazon.

Suggested Brushes
Omega Creamy Curved Handle Pure Badger Shaving Brush #13109
Porters Badger Shaving Brush
Omega Brownie Junior Badger Shaving Brush with Stand #63184

Soaps and Creams

If youre like the average guy, youve probably been getting your shaving cream from a can. This blue/green, chemically laced goop does nothing for your face and smells like a hospital. Traditional shave creams and soaps, on the other hand, are full of natural ingredients that nourish your face and leave you smelling absolutely manly. While these high-quality creams and soaps may cost more than the can stuff, just a dab will create enough lather for you to lather up twice.

Suggested Creams and Soaps

Natural Pre-Shave Oil

Reamir Natural Pre-shave oil.

Preparation is the key ingredient to successful results:Prep your skin with our top quality Pre-Shave Oil for the most rewarding results. A combination of great oils and vitamins will moisturize, soften and help heal your skin.

Natural Shaving Cream

Natural Lather Shave Cream by Reamir&Co. Invigorate your skin with a natural lather shave cream loaded with anti-oxidant power of Vitamin E combined with moisturizing and healing essential oils, topped off with a menthol coolness that allows for a clean, healthy and refreshing shave.

The luxurious lather provides an excellent lubrication that allows a razor to effortlessly remove the toughest beard, while the enriched glycerin base soothes sensitive complexions and promotes healthy skin. Get a Shaving experience like no other.

You’ll reconsider using aerosol foams or gels ever again.

The Technique

Prep your beard.If you want a clean shave, you need to prep your beard adequately. The goal during beard prep is to soften your whiskers so shaving is easier and causes less irritation. The best way to soften your beard is to to shave right when you get out of the shower. The hot water from your shower should hydrate and soften your beard enough for shaving. If you havent showered, at least wet your beard with some hot water. A hot towel is a great way to soften the facial hair.

Lather up.Take a small dollop (about the size of nickel) of your shave cream and place it in a mug. Take your brush that youve pre-soaked with water and swirl the cream around until you get a nice thick lather. Apply the lather with your brush in swirling motions. When your face is nice and covered, take a few strokes to smooth everything out.

The shave.Unlike shaving with cartridge razors, shaving with a safety razor actually requires some skill and technique. Once mastered, though, you should be shaving effectively in no time. The four keys to a successful shave with a safety razor are:1) use as little pressure as possible, 2) angle the blade as far away from your face as possible, 3) shave with the grain, and 4) go for beard reduction, not beard removal.This will take some getting used to if you have used cartridges your entire life.

You dont need to use pressure because the weight of the safety razor is sufficient to cut your beard. If you press down, youll end up hacking up your face. To help counter the tendency to apply pressure, try holding the razor by the tip of the handle.

Angling your razor is probably the trickiest part. The proper angle is somewhere between 30 and 45 degrees. To get the proper razor angle, put the top of the razor head directly on your cheek, with the handle parallel with the floor. Now slowly lower the handle until the blade can cut your whisker. Practice on your arm if youre not comfortable practicing on your face.

While shaving against the grain can get you that smooth feel, you risk slicing up your face and causing ingrown hairs. When youre first starting out, shave with the grain of your beard. If you lather up and pass the razor more than once over your face, youre guaranteed to get a smooth finish.

The goal with shaving should be gradual beard reduction, not beard removal in one deft swoop. Most men try to get rid of their beard in one pass of the razor. This hack-and-go technique is what causes the majority of skin irritations. If you want to avoid skin irritation, lather up and pass your razor over your face several times. Your face will thank you.

Post-shave.Rinse your face off with some cold water to close your pores. Treat your face to a nice aftershave. There are several to choose from, so pick the one you like best. Aftershave helps reduce any irritation that may have occurred and will leave your skin looking healthy.

We hope these tips get you smooth in no time! For our shaving products and convenient online check-out, please go to:


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