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Cold Weather Skin Care Tips!

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To help your skin weather the winter, weve put together this list of cold weather skincare tips.

1. Dont shy away from lip balm.Use a lip balmdaily to maintain natural moisture in your lips. Cold, winter air can easily dry your lips out and lead to chapping. Most lip balms and chap sticks are small enough to fit easily in your pocket, making them the ultimate travel companion.

2. Moisturizing regularly is more important than ever.The first thing you do each morning in the winter months should be to apply lotionto your face, hands and neck. Moisturizer keeps your skin soft and will help prevent dry patches and eczema. Use our pre-shave oil and shaving cream found here:Natural Pre-Shave Oil, Natural Shaving Cream They will help keep your skin moisturized and prepped before the lotion without stripping your skin like other products.

3. Turn down the heat. Avoid using extra hot water in your shower or while washing your face. While you may think theres nothing quite as wonderful as a steaming shower to warm you up after spending time in the cold, the truth is that too-hot water can actually cause damage to your skin. Overly hot water can dry out your skin and lead to further problems, so its best to opt for warm water.

4. Remember to dress up.Wear a warm hat and gloves when you leave the house. A hat is especially important since it keeps your scalp warm and can minimize wintery dandruff. If your skin gets too cold and dry, dander becomes more of an issue. A proper head covering will help this. Similarly, a decent pair of gloves will keep your hands warm and dry without sucking the moisture out of them.

5. Stay hydrated.Good hydration is even more important during the winter, so drink plenty of water while youre out. Carry a water bottle with you if it helps you to remember to drink. Extra water is important during the winter months since your skin can start to dry out even when you dont feel thirsty.

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