NYC Barber Shop Museum

Opening date – June 15

One of a kind operating barbershop where haircut and shaves will be performed in an atmosphere of the beginning of XX century. In the museum ambitiously decorated with lots of décor, golden elements, handcrafted woodwork and impressive chandeliers brightening the space, all guests would get a pleasure to go back to the earlies 1900, the beginning of the modern history of barbershops. Which are not only the place of quick clean up, it is a meaningful social formation for a man in America.

As a tribute to all the barbers who are not only bringing confident neat look to their clients but becoming parts of their lives without a distraction from their sharpest tools, this place has been made with love and respect by actual barbers. Ideology comes from Arthur Rubinoff, – a fourth generation barber, founder of Reamir & Co (which is now presented as a chain of 4 barbershops in Manhattan and line of natural grooming products) and owner of major collection presented in the museum.

Inside everyone would get a chance not only to take a closer look to the vintage chairs (Koch, Koken,Paidar), barber poles and signs, all of tools that are being used the same till this very day, but also equipment that are no longer in barbers’ station (including “Wilkinson Sword” and “Gillette” everyday razor, “Oster” Stim-U-Lax hand-massager for Barbers, “Campbell” .  But to be presented an actual art of cutting in motion. Each interested person could even experience a XIX, XX and XXI style haircuts by themselves.

Anyone who are curious in barbering, history and something new in the city are warmly welcomed to visit the museum at 290 Columbus Ave, New York, NY, 10023 starting the middle of the June

290 Columbus Avenue New York NY 10023

Gorgeous Decor

Antique Barber Tools

Antique Barber Memorabilia