This Tuesday night in New York Michael Imperioli with his band La Dolce Vita rocked the night club Touch. He helped promote the new “Signature” grooming products of Reamiir & Co.

Over 200 attendees showed up to support Arthur Rubinoff. Other players on the scene were Dan Grimaldi and Dominick Mancino from the cast of the Soprano’s, the famous dermatologist Dr. Louis Feder, Victoria Secret Model, Linda Vojtova and Bon Jovi’s keyboardist David Bryan with his finance.

Arthur Rubinoff announced that all donations would go to Angels Day Care, his non-profit organization for widows and their children.

Rubinoff surprised his mother and presented her with a pair of $15,000 Golden Scissors on stage in honor of his father. Two other scissors are in the making for any celebs that want a Premier Groom + Shave!